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Many of us spend a lot of time on social networks such a Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. While others don’t spend enough time. As business owners, the internet and all its glory is not always what’s it’s pitched out to be. Your business “profile” is the face you put OUT to the world or at least to the local community. The people reading your posts and tweets are your friends, neighbors, family members, and more importantly prospective clients. It’s your reputation, protect it.

If you want strong relationships with your existing and soon-to-be customers, you must first get to know them, engage with them and then build rapport, mutual trust and respect. Much like in your everyday dealings with your other relationships, you have got to give a little to receive a little. Social media is just that, it’s social. As a business owner, you do have to make sure to distinguish the fine line between professionalism and off-the-clock-extracurricular activities that may not be so good for customer relations and branding. Many businesses need to be careful when hiring a Social Media Manager. Some young mangers say they have an instinctive understanding of the potential social media has to offer, but it is important to know the difference between good professional customer engagement and inappropriate postings and tweeting.

Our purpose is to get your business more leads and customers which will translate into more sales using social media marketing know-how while still being engaging with your existing and soon to be clients. We focus on keeping your social profile “top of mind” with relevant content to your customers that add value to their daily life.  We keep your brand at the forefront of their daily social surfing by engaging with fresh and useful content.  Social Media Network Group does this by maintaining a central hub of all your social platforms that is critical to getting you consistent new leads.  As these leads come in, we automatically guide them into your sales funnel, which we specially design for your business, assuring a longer life-time-value of each customer, thus creating brand loyalty.

If you want to know more on how to get started contact us a call today, at so that we may be able to get your business more socially engaged.

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