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Google has a way of doing things and if you don’t do it their way, well, you don’t get ranked, at least not very high.

(Get the official Google’s Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide – PDF Here)

And here is some good read from Google. (I must if you ask me if you’re a webmaster)

The truth is, Google is not the only game in town, however, they are the BIGGEST game in town and if you want to do business in this ball park, then you’d better play by their rules.

SEO is an acronym for “search engine optimization” for those that don’t know. Google search results include both “organic” and paid results, PPC or Sponsored Ads. Both Has it’s place in Search Engine Optimization. Organic ranking means that a website is ranked “naturally or un-paid” in the search results. While paid or PPC results are based on a strategic plan with a specific budget and an extensive knowledge of running a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaign. At Social Media Network Group, we believe in the power of both “Organic and Paid” SEO Marketing. Both require a set of skills that will get a website ranked high and give it maximum exposure to a specific targeted audience.

We consider how search engines work (the three biggest being Google, Bing and Yahoo), what people search for, the specific search terms and keywords typed into thOSE search engines, and which engines are preferred by their niche audience. We believe in a blend of organic search engine optimization for long term ranking and a strong and aggressive PPC marketing campaign for short term immediate results. It’s a balancing act of sort knowing just how much a business needs to obtain instant market-share while building a solid foundation for long term high ranking positions.

What every client we believe needs to take away from doing SEO or is considering Search Engine Optimization is that you must be COMMITTED and BELIEVE in the process. SEO takes time and diligence. Results vary and usually are not apparent immediately.  At Social Media Network Group, we consult with our clients in a realistic, honest and truthful manner. We don’t hype up any false hope that your business site will suddenly be on the first page of Google overnight.  Anyone who guarantees such claims, you SHOULD PROCEED WITH CAUTION.  Such claims might work with an aggressive and very expensive PPC campaign but usually results are not long term.

You get to the top by moving one step forward at a time, doing the right things and doing them consistently.

If your business website needs to move up in ranking or you need to properly SEO your site, contact us today at, we can help get you to the top.

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