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Getting highly ranked by Google use to be that you only had to have a website, some links, a video and then fill the page with keywords. Google like good wine ages and with it comes a lot of subtle and not so subtle changes.

If you know anything about SEO or Search Engine Optimization, then you know Matt Cutts. Matt was the face behind Google’s search team and the GOD of the search engine rankings. If you wanted to get ranked, you’d better listen to Matt. Why? Yeah, only because he was truly the Gatekeeper for the Google Search Engine. He was like the old commercial in the 1970’s and 1980’s that had the best slogan, “When E.F. Hutton talks, people listen.” Then you’d have people sitting around a busy restaurant go completely quiet and lean in to hear what E.F. Hutton had to say.

Well, Matt has been replaced as head of Web Spam with unnamed Googler. Or Googler(s) I should say. A team of from Google will be bridging that gap between Google and the interweb community. Some sources believe Matt will not return. But enough about Matt.

How to get ranked high up on Google’s search engine.

Well, that subject is way too large to tackle here in just one blog post. You’ll either need to Google the subject, which will return you exactly 28,400,000 results in just under 0.54 seconds. Or you could get a book at Powell’s Books on it, but I wouldn’t do that either because let’s face it, by the time you get down there, pay for parking, find the book, buy the book, get in the car and finally sit down to read it, well, it’s most likely going to be outdated.

I’m not even joking.

SEO is a serious matter. It’s as serious as the housing bubble or the debate on what really is a true Philly Cheese Steak. It’s nothing to take lightly (SEO and Philly Cheese Steaks).

Truth be told, if you’re not a webmaster taking care of tens if not hundreds of other websites and getting them ranked, professionally, you probably will have a difficult time trying to get your site ranked past the 3rd or 4th or 88th page on Google. See, Social Media Network Group does this for a living and we invest highly in R&D. We buy tons of books on the Kindle because it’s just faster to read than traditional paper books, more on that at some other blog post. But, let’s just say we devote a lot of time reading up on every Google updates, push outs, every animal update means another change in their already complicated algorithm of how to rank search results. If you think you’re going to spend a weekend reading a bunch of post about SEO and how to “get ranked overnight” well, you’re fooling yourself. Which reminds me of this song,

So, if you want to get ranked and not have to waste numerous weekends, nights and waking hours learning something that is elusive as the Snow Leopard or Giant Squid, then just get a hold of us. We love looking for Pink Hippos.

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    Mike R.


    Thanks for the heads up. Love the post. Funny too! SEo really is like chasing shadows. It’s really hard for me as a small business owner to take the time to learn all this stuff. I’d rather go fishing, but not for Pink Hippos or Giant Squid. 🙂


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