Professional Consultants

Oregon City Premier Social Media Marketing Company

Unlike other agencies that only see you as a paycheck, we see you as a long term partner.

Our Clients are trusting us with their business and as such we need to reciprocate by providing them with tremendous value.  The value is in our commitment to helping them achieve their business goals.  Whether it is through our beautifully designed websites or through our professional consultation.  Our discussion and dialogue is organic in nature, free from heavy technological jargon and in plain English.  We help demystify and explain our marketing strategies so you leave with a sense of clarity.

We are transparent every step of the way, so you know and understand where your ROI is coming from.

Private One-On-One consultation session are usually about 1 hour long.  This hour is not to fill you with what we do but more to see if we are a match.  Social Media Network Group works with clients whom we believe share the same vision and goal, to create a great product that will add value to the end user.  We don’t always except new clients.  We believe it has to be a mutual working relationship and like any healthy relationship, we ask for honest communication, open dialogue, upfront realistic expectations, and of course, a sense of loyalty.

If you feel you need some help navigating the ever-changing online landscape, contact us today at, someone will gladly get back to you within 24 hours.

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