You’ve Got a Friend in Me

Today I’m writing this because it’s so hard to find good people. I mean good quality people who we can trust and depend on. It’s all about relationships. Whether it’s a friend or a business relationship, it’s still all about the connection. If there’s no connection or substance, the relationship feels shallow. Then we feel like trying to be friends or business partners is a chore. Then that becomes a drag. No one wants that…

Finding quality people is so key to happy relationships.

There comes a point where we find ourselves realizing we no longer want to waste time on dead end relationships and it’s hard to say goodbye but it’s necessary. And we find ourselves much happier when we come to terms with this internal struggle because once we do, we can begin to have true relationships. You know, the ones where we can be ourselves and let our hair down. The ones where we can say how we really feel and know that it may not be something everyone agrees upon, but it’s respected because we’re friends.

Business relationships are no different.

We need to cut through pass the clutter of fakeness and get to the meat of it, otherwise, we should realize that it just won’t work out and move on. I’ve gotten to that point where I have the pleasure of working with clients that I truly want to work with but more importantly I want to build a relationship with. It’s just so much easier helping a client who is first and foremost your friend and client second.

That goes both ways as well. Not every client is going to understand and align there beliefs with a business. Finding the right business partner who understands your needs is easy. But, finding a business that is truly trying to help you from the standpoint of not you’re not just another paycheck is altogether something else. Ever get the feeling that some businesses are just out to gain your business and not really earn your trust? Or have you ever get that feeling of being sold to? Yeah, at one time or another everyone’s been sold to and it sucks. The feeling is gross because you know you’re getting sold to. No one wants to be sold. But we love buying. Just not sold to.

Here, we believe in giving tremendous value to our clients before even trying to sell anything. And the fist step to that is to start by creating a trusting relationship first. Then we move to the next level because at that point we know whether this relationship between us is even worth exploring the next level. I mean let’s be honest, who wants to waste any more time?

Not me. Let me know if your business and should meet our business.

Until the next post, make your life worth living by finding your personal greatness, cheers!

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