E-Commerce is BIG

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E-Commerce is BIG, in fact it HUGE!  $341.7 Billion Dollar and still growing HUGE!

Local businesses can and should thrive in the new world of online commerce.  If done properly that is.

Traditional brick and mortar stores now need to have online carts as well as physical carts because let’s face it, we shop pretty much the same way now online.

We first, have an idea of what we want to buy.  Then we go to Google and look up the product.  Then we go to YouTube to learn how that product works and watch reviews on the product and see if we still want to buy it.  If yes, then we do the next thing everyone else does, we read reviews on the product.  If it’s a service, we read the various sites like Yelp, Google or Amazon for reviews on product, service or restaurant.  If our decision is based on price, then we hop on over to Amazon and see how much it is going for, knowing we can almost always based most of our pricing off of their inventory of vendors offering the same product at competitive prices.

Finally, if we decide to buy, we either stay with Amazon, based on price and convenience with the Amazon Prime shipping or we take our new found information online and march right into a physical store, like Best Buy, where we hope to get the clerk to agree to price match based on our research.

Now, if we want to eat, well we all do the same thing all over again.  Search Google, read reviews, and see how far it is from our current location, all from our smartphone.  So making sure our reviews are online and are mostly positive, we can assure physical customers coming in to our physical store.  If however, there are no to little reviews on our delicious handmade cinnamon rolls, people are simply going to scroll to the next place that do have reviews.

In today’s world, no one leaves home without their smartphone, along with keys and wallet. (And now just smartphone and keys with Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Android Pay and Google Wallet.)

Having an online shopping presence is just as important as having good employees, except with an online store, this employee works for you 24/7 without asking for breaks or a vacation.

Contact us today for more information on how we can help move you from physical brick and mortar cart to online cart at Admin@SocialMediaNetworkGroup.com and someone will reply within 24 hours.

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