WordPress Themes

Finding the right WordPress theme for your business is a challenge in and of itself. There are literally thousands of themes in which to choose from, but which one do you use? Good question.

I will give the same answer that I give to the Real Estate Agents I coach or coached in the past, which is, “The best one is the one you use.” Most of the agents seem to want to know which CRM or Customer Relationship Management software is the best and which one they should use. Well, the answer is the one they will use, meaning it’s none of them are no good if you don’t use it. They all are good but when it comes to picking one, find one that fits your needs and then go with it.

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You’ve Got a Friend in Me

Today I’m writing this because it’s so hard to find good people. I mean good quality people who we can trust and depend on. It’s all about relationships. Whether it’s a friend or a business relationship, it’s still all about the connection. If there’s no connection or substance, the relationship feels shallow. Then we feel like trying to be friends or business partners is a chore. Then that becomes a drag. No one wants that…

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Focus on the Big Picture

Our lives today are constantly being bombarded with so many distractions that being able to focus on one thing is almost impossible, but if you know me, impossible is not in my vocabulary. Well, even though I believe I can do several things at once like type a blog post, listen to music and think out my thoughts clearly, scientists are saying otherwise. Multitaks, multak…multitasking is actually more harmful…okay you get the point.

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Ranking High on Google

Getting highly ranked by Google use to be that you only had to have a website, some links, a video and then fill the page with keywords. Google like good wine ages and with it comes a lot of subtle and not so subtle changes.

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