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Direction – True North

When creating a social media marketing strategy, you really have to make sure to have a clear goal in mind and then align your marketing message with those goals. Otherwise, you start to go in so many different directions that you get lost in the clutter of the social media stratoshere.

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Where to Start

So you want to start doing social media marketing? The problem is, where do you start? There’s so many social media networks/platforms. Which works best for your business? Do you hire someone in-house or get outside help? How do you track what works? Metrics and analytics, CPC and CTR, ROI and CPM, what is that? Okay, it can be a little overwhelming, I get it. Read on, we can help sort things out.

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Bento Theme

Social Media Network Group is located just 12 miles from Downtown Portland Oregon. Specializing in Social Media Marketing with a full suite of Web Design, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Management, Internet Consultation, Email Marketing, and E-Commerce Development. We help get our clients to the top of Google, Bing and Yahoo and keep them there through customized marketing campaigns, Google AdWords and AdSense Campaigns, and understand how to get local businesses get the most ROI on every dollar spent.

Tracking and analyzing data and metrics through Google Analytics and applying the full power of Google G-Suite to allowing businesses to thrive in the social media stratosphere by cutting through the clutter.

Give us a call today at 503-317-9764 for a free consultation and social audit.

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In Sync

Want to know what made ‘N Sync (the band) on of the most popular boy bands in history (8th to be exact)? How they were able to sell more than 50 million albums during their career? First, they were formed based on the fact that they each individually had good singing voices. But together, they had harmony and was “in Synced” (sorry couldn’t past that up.) But what made jump from one level of popularity to stratosphere popularity was after their split with Lou Pearlman and BMG Ariola Munich.

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Have the Right Map

One of the best ways to not get lost is to have a map. A road map is a simple insurance to not getting lost. But what if the map was for the wrong place you were going to? Then what? How do you find your way back to the right path? In today’s world we no longer need road maps but you get the picture.

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